All items may be purchased online by following the PayPal link next to each items' description.  PayPal allows you to make a secure online transaction using a credit card, electronic check, or PayPal member-to-member payment.

You can also contact me directly at 478-394-0322 where you can make a credit card purchase over the phone.


All items are packed with care to ensure its safe arrival and we use only 100% recycled packing materials. Shipping is handled via USPS Priority Mail; see pricing chart below for specific pricing rates.

Purchase Price

Shipping & Handling

$0.00 -  $20.00 $9.99
$20.01 -  $50.00 $17.99
$50.01 -  $100.00 $24.99
$100.00 -  Above $27.00

Please note these prices are for Domestic Shipping only.  Please contact Quinnsgate Glassworks directly to determine shipping and handling to foreign addresses.